State of the Art Surgery

Surgery is usually required for the treatment of gynecologic cancers, precancerous conditions or masses where cancer is suspected or cannot be ruled out. The doctors at Alaska Women’s Cancer Care specialize in many types of surgery for these conditions and offer a wide range of surgical care depending on the nature of your condition.


Alaska Women’s Cancer Care is knowledgeable, gentle, and understanding when using or recommending chemotherapy.

Radiation Oncology

Our providers at Alaska Women’s Cancer Care can refer patients to leading Radiation Oncologists throughout Alaska including Fairbanks, Soldotna, Juneau, and Mat-Su Valley.

Clinical Trials

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care doctors work with the research staff at Providence Alaska Medical Center to offer state of the art for women with gynecologic cancers.

Fertility Preservation

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care will support your preservation of fertility if at all possible.

Palliative Care

Reducing symptoms and side effects is an integral part of your care at Alaska Women’s Cancer Care

Genetic Counseling

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care offers genetic testing in our office for women affected with gynecologic cancers. We also work with genetic counselors in the cancer center for other genetic testing and understanding results of genetic tests.

Oncology Rehabilitation

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care office is just down the hall from Oncology Rehabilitation.

Survivorship Support

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care uses intervention and early support to help you. All women with gynecologic cancers have a survivorship visit at the conclusion of primary therapy.

Cancer and Creativity

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care thinks attitude, family, and the arts count in your fight against cancer.

Ancillary Services

Alaska Women’s Cancer Care is ready to support you in your use of Ancillary Services.